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Bush and Beyond

New Zealand's Kahurangi National Park, Guided Walk Specialists

Enjoy lunch with a view

Guided Walks Cuisine

Bush & Beyond cuisine

Your friendly guide prepares your food for you

On Fully Serviced trips Bush & Beyond provide all food. Bush and Beyond prides itself on its food - the best food, and plenty of it! We endeavor to use fresh food and showcase the region's finest produce, and we offer varied menus from day to day. The following are example menus on our trips.

Typical daily menus
Typical daily menus

Typical daily menus

Breakfast: Choice of porridge or muesli. Toast and condiments. Coffee or tea.
Lunch: Fresh bread or 'wraps', along with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and cold meat, or tuna, hummus and pickle.
Dinner: Our meat dishes include Butter Chicken, Roast Beef, Venison or Beef Mince, Fresh Fish, and Sausages. All meals are accompanied by vegetables and potatoes, rice or couscous.
Before and after dinner snacks: Crackers and cheese, chocolates and sweet biscuits.
'Tea breaks' and snacks during the day: A choice of tea, coffee or hot soup. Snacks such as chocolate, dried fruit, snackbars, and nuts are always available from your guide or for you to carry in your own pack if you wish.

Fine dining in Karamea

Dine in style in Karamea on the final night of our Heaphy Trip, real West Coast hospitality! This evening is also offered in our 'Best of the West' and 'West Coast Escape' packages.

Special diets and preferences

We cater for vegetarians with main dishes such as vegetarian sausages, tofu, etc. We also cater for any other food specialty including vegan and gluten free. We encourage people to help us design a menu to suit themselves under these circumstances.

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