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Bush and Beyond

New Zealand's Kahurangi National Park, Guided Walk Specialists

Mt Xenicus and the Upper Cobb river

About Bush and Beyond Guided Walks

Bush and Beyond is the original guiding company in Kahurangi National Park.

We are the only company who 'specialise' in Kahurangi, and we are very passionate about it! We have been guiding walkers throughout the park since 1993.

Bush and Beyond has built a sound reputation as an ecologically based operation, with a concern for the Park's natural values. See our conservation statement.

Our guides are local people who have wonderful knowledge of the flora and fauna, and extensive experience in Kahurangi. Most are members of the Friends of Flora conservation group.

Bush and Beyond's Guides

Our team is a wonderful blend of youth, knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.


Owner, guide - Maggie
Owner, guide - Maggie

Maggie is the owner/operator of Bush and Beyond.

Ever the eternal optimist, she is sure to find the positive in any situation! Her love affair with the wild West Coast began in the early 90's, while guiding in the Honeycomb Caves.

Today, she is just as enthusiastic about sharing her passion for the outdoors, and is fascinated with the biodiversity of the Kahurangi National Park.


Walking guide - Andy
Walking guide - Andy

Andy is a very popular Bush and Beyond guide. His stories of his life's adventures keeps people entertained throughout their time with us.

He is world famous in Kahurangi, for his homemade black current jam - a must on every trip! He is also a volunteer in our conservation projects.


Walking guide - Toni
Walking guide - Toni

Toni loves residing in Golden Bay, located between two National parks. Originally from Queenstown Toni has hiked all around the Mainland.

She enjoys her cooking and her organic lifestyle


Walking guide - Bayard
Walking guide - Bayard

Bayard has been working with us this season and brings with him experience from his search and rescue background. He enjoys the outdoors and orienteering his way around it!

Having recently moved to our region he is keen to explore our unique environs.


Walking guide - Luke
Walking guide - Luke

Luke enjoys all outdoor adventure activities and will give anything a go!

He wants to study tourism and hopes to have a career in the industry.


Walking guide - Jamie
Walking guide - Jamie

'Enthusiastic and Energetic' would have to be the words to describe Jamie!

Always good for a laugh, and a helping hand if needed.

Jamie is completing her degree in Tourism Management and wants to specialize in customer service, so feel free to let her know your ideas and feedback.


Walking guide - Andy
Walking guide - Andy

Andy is a total outdoor enthusiast.

He is completing his tourism training at NMIT in addition to other outdoor education qualifications.

Mountain biking is his specialty!


Walking guide - Cindy
Walking guide - Cindy

Cindy is our 'day walks' guide, and also guides on our Cobb Comfort trip. She also operates a vegetarian catering service, 'Food for Thought'.

So if you have Cindy on one of your trips, you can be assured of top class cooking, along with her fantastic knowledge of our flora and fauna.

Cindy is one of the locals, dating back to the early European settlers.

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